• Technical: Expertise in mechanical design, CFD/FEA and conventional analytical tools, system integration and testing of complex mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic and high power optical devices, from ideation to mid-volume production. Proficient in manual machining, 3D printing, ASME Y14.5 GD&T, as well as Lean Six Sigma Principles.
  • Project Management: Success in managing multi-million dollar inter-disciplinary projects, as well as multiple concurrent smaller projects and investigations.
  • Interpersonal: Communicates designs and ideas easily. Strong ability to work independently, and also thrives in team environments.
  • Laboratory/Field: Extensive hands-on experience working in machine shops, clean rooms, laboratories, control rooms and in the field.
  • Design and Analysis Software: Expert Solidworks, PDM, Ansys CFD and FEA
  • Technical Software: MathCad, Minitab, Labview
  • General Software: Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, C++, Linux, Micro-controllers

Examples of Work: